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Zayak Sea Sleds

Your own personal glass bottom boat! You dont need a mask or snorkel!


We have 'Kona One' Windsurfers, the best in the business

Unfortunately SurfSup Bermuda has closed.
We didn't want to but the Bermuda Government wanted the land back.
We tried to reason with them as we believed (and thousands of satisfied customers believed) that we had a great product and we really enjoyed showing locals and tourists the joys of SUP in Bermuda, especially the reef and turtles at Somerset Long bay and surrounding area.
In October 2016 we were badly damaged by Hurricane Nicole. 
In December the government evicted all the small business people at Daniels Head park. This despite us receiving three certificates of excellence from Trip Advisor.
I dismantled the shop and then in April the government called me begging me to reopen the shop. "just what tourists need" they said.'
It was too late as I had already disposed of most of the shop contents.
I am working with Ian bridges of
He has access to my boards and if he can get you on the water then he will try and help you. He runs a great business. his email is (note only one a in the middle)
I have returned to my life in IT and am enjoying my weekends off on the water.
Thanks for contacting us.
Should you still wish to contact me I do still monitor this email address.


Stand Up Paddle Boards 'SUP'

Come and rent Starboard stand up paddle boards. The Best 'SUP'